Veronica Thompson

vthompsonVeronica is the original scout! Working in tech by day, Veronica was happy to dive in to hands-on crafts head first. Now, she occasionally writes for Brit + Co and Foodie by Night and heads to every crafting class she can!
Favorite Food: Pesto Risotto. MmMmM!
Favorite Craft: Jewelry Making!
Biggest Baking Disaster: Without a doubt it was French Macarons. I misunderstood the ingredient “almond flour” and tried to make it by pulverizing almonds in a food processor but for too long… Oops!


Meet our Contributors

Kris Vetter

Kris works at Lerner Publishing designing book interiors and freelances as an e-book developer. She recently bought a house in Minneapolis and is up to her ears in DIY ideas. Follow her (hopefully) successful progress of making the new space her own. Also she loves huskies.

Favorite Food: Anything spicy — bring it on!
Favorite Craft: Upcycling by way of power tools
Biggest DIY Fail: Forgetting to use a stud-finder when hanging DIY projects on the wall (yes, more than once)

Chanti Burnette

Chanti loves learning and becoming an expert in new things, from the best small restaurant in town to a delectable seasonal recipe and the perfect direction to spray-paint a mason jar. With a particular fondness for baseball, ’60s soul music, and iced coffee with cream, Chanti resides in New York City with her wife and their two cats.
Favorite Food: Anything with good salsa and guacamole.
Favorite Craft: I kind of have a thing for gold spray paint.Biggest DIY Fail: When I was spray-painting (are you sensing a theme yet?) a project, I only put down one layer of newspaper on my kitchen floor. It only took a few particularly strong sprays for the newspaper to fly and leave a wonderfully abstract piece of art on the linoleum.

Emelie Burnette

Emelie corrects people’s grammar full-time but has also contributed writings to POPSUGAR, Romantic Homes, and Yum magazine, among others. In her free time, she orders in and helps her wife update their cats’ hashtag on Instagram. They live in Manhattan.

Favorite Food: Pepperoni pizza, good or bad
Favorite Craft: Gift wrapping (so much potential!)
Biggest Baking Disaster: The very first time I made carrot cake, I didn’t know what “folding” ingredients meant. I ended up dripping cake batter everywhere before googling it and starting over.

Christina Oropeza

christina_blankChristina works for Bloomingdale’s and is currently in their Store Management Development Program. She has a love for all things retail and is hoping to launch her own retail ecommerce business within the next year. She resides in Chicago with her husband Marco and is loving all that the city has to offer!

Favorite Food: Where to begin? Any thai dish and a week is not complete without tacos!
Favorite Craft: Giving antiques new life 🙂
Biggest DIY Fail: Ikea kitchen cabinets…enough said.

Sara Kosuth

sara_blankSara works at Pixar Animation Studios as part of their culinary team, focusing her work mainly within the catering department and special events team. Residing in San Franciso, Sara loves exploring the city and will find any excuse to be outside in the sun, whether running, gardening, or relaxing in the park. She’s always thinking about where she wants to travel next, food mapping out the way!

favorite food: fresh vegetables picked right out of the ground as well as anything cooked for long time in a big heavy pot that fills the house with delicious aromas.

biggest cooking disaster: setting off the fire alarm to her apartment following with the entire apartment complex’s, leading to the evacuation of the entire building and the arrival of the fire department, all from a small pan of butter being sautéd and the heat from the stove was turned up instead of off. (Don’t worry, no one was hurt and nothing was damaged!)