DIY Easy Macrame (ish) Wall-Hanging

These days with lots of high intensity client design projects at work washing me out, I’ve been making a conscious effort to reconnect with my creative spark and boy did the area of fiber art deliver. This quick little project is a trendy and easy project that’s a perfect palette cleanser.

Okay! Off with a bang here. I’ve been eyeing beautiful hoop macrame wall hangings like this one, this one and this one for awhile now. and when I stumbled across a brass hoop on Amazon I figured, why not give it a try? Guess what! It’s SO SIMPLE!


What you’ll need:

  • 1 brass hoop
  • Thread or Yarn – I got this blue hemp on Amazon, If you’d like a fuller thread drop than pictured I’d buy two of these.
    • Cut this into 45, 5-foot pieces!
  • Wood Beads ( or pictured gold beads above)

Optional leather hanger

What You’ll Do:


1. If you’re a perfectionist nerd like me – look for the seam in the brass hoop so that you can cover it up (it will be a teeny notch in the hoop like above). Start here.

3. Grab one 5 foot piece of yarn or string – bend/fold it in half at the center.

2. Create what I call a slip knot (also known as a reverse lark’s head or cow hitch knot) by tucking the bended end of the thread under the hoop. Then pass the loose ends through the thread loop and pull tight. It should look like the right side picture above as you pull tight.


4. Lather rinse repeat with each string, folding each in half and then creating a slip knot. When you’re done you’ll see something like this!


5. Optional – To further secure the threads to the hoop you can use a half hitch knot (animated instructions here). Take the two far left threads one in each hand. Wrap the thread in your right hand around the front of the piece of thread in your left hand. This should make a loop like above. Pass the loose end of the string in your right hand through the loop – exactly as above. Pull Tight.

6. Drop the left hand string. Move the string in your right hand to your left and pick up the next string hanging in the row. Repeat When you’re done it will look like below.



7. The next bit is easier if you hang your project up – I taped mine to the wall!


8. BEFORE TRIMMING THE THREADS: Using a darning or embroidery needle (depending on the width of the hole in your beads) add beads in groups or 1 or 2 beads sporadically. Hanging your art will let you get an overall picture of where the beads will fall



9. Now that your beads are done it’s time to trim! To ensure you get an accurate trim, smooth threads against the wall and tape across all of the threads or yarn to hold them straight. Then tape your trim pattern – I chose a triangle but you could zig-zag or round the bottom of your art!

10. Trim

Optional: Leather hanger


1.  Take your strip of leather and punch a whole in the center of one end (mine is about a half inch into the leather strip.

2. Now for the other end! As a cheat to make sure the holes align, fold your leather strip in half, lining up the ends. Now line your leather punch up with the hole on the front and actually punch the second hole through the first (above right image).


3. Now for a nail hole! You can choose to put this where ever you’d like – I opted for right below the spot for the stud screw (above). But this does cause the top to droop slightly when hanging.


4. Place your leather strip beneath the hoop with the nail hole side up (above). Unscrew your leather stud and place the screw beneath the strip to line it up with the prepared hole (above right). Then fold the leather over the hoop, line up your front punch, and slip the screw through. Screw on the cap.


5. Tah-Dah! It should look like this when you’re done!




Though the knots can be difficult to read through I hope you’ll try it! This is a super easy and zen project once you do each type of knot once!

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