5 Favorite Paper Plant Projects from Lia Griffith

So yesterday I told you everything you need to know to get started making paper plants. And I mentioned Lia Griffith’s epic Paper flower Patterns. Well guys, I so love what she does that I wanted to dedicate a whole post to my five favorite paper plant projects. Psst- she also has some pretty epic Holiday Card and Decor patterns! I’ve been making these as gifts ever since the wedding and they absolutely delight people! Especially if you “plant” them in a decorative little pot or vase.


Now onto my favorite projects from Lia Griffith – Remember to download these patterns there is a subscription of $5 (but you can end it after your event if you need to), but you can see the instructions and photos for free.  It was REALLY difficult to pick just 5, but these are 5 of my favorite, tried and true showstoppers from her Paper Flower collection:


1. Sunflowers – These take a little practice to get right but WOW are they stunning when they’re done || 2. Paper Anenomes – these are one of my favorite accent flowers – when made in black and white the contrast is really stunning!  || 3. Paper PeoniesBeginners start here! I made a whole bunch of these in blush and peach and they may have been my favorite of the wedding bunch || 4. Paper Dendrobium Orchids – These are intricate flowers that really wow. Patience is a virtue with these guys!  || 5. A beautiful and delicate Paper Fern (though this Paper Philodendron was a close second)

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