Tips and Tricks: Making Paper Flowers in Bulk

Why Hello! Yep okay I’m just going to pretend I didn’t drop off the face of the earth there for a moment ;). Truth be told I LOVE my blog and missed it terribly.

Anyhow… I thought I’d start back in by sharing some of my favorite flower making resources. After making about 500 paper flowers for my wedding I feel like I’ve learned a thing or two I can pass on! These tips are primarily for those who’re making more than one paper flower project (If you’re only making one or maybe two you can certainly hand cut and fold the PDF templates that frequently come with a paper flower pattern).

First, A little about paper flowers – I made about 500 spanning 3 months for my wedding. Every single flower was paper and made by me, my sister, or my mother – talk about bonding – I even made my bouquet! It was such an amazingly special touch that I and my guests will remember forever. I’ll be sharing the flower formula for my arrangements later on but today we’ll cover everything you might need to get started. And bonus! Paper plants make for a pretty epic gift for black thumb and green thumb friends alike!

Tips: Things to know

  1. Organize your flower petals by size. If you’re working in bulk this will be REALLY important. Many paper petals look alike (and vary only in size) and when you’re looking at a dozen flowers worth – it can be hard to tell them apart…
  2. Make one practice version of each flower beforehand. Oh my god guys – the gap in polish between my first of any flower and my second was huge! Forgive yourself a little if your first draft is a little messy and just plan to make an extra or two
  3. Get a bone folder – these aren’t necessary but your fingers will thank you. A Bone folder is much easier to use for long periods of time than your scissors are.
  4. Buy a burn ointment – honestly you will burn your fingers let’s just plan on it and get something to help ease the burn
  5. Follow the same rules you would for flower arrangement – See the “FLOWER RECIPE” book in the background there? Yep I used that as inspiration for my arrangements. With a little creativity you can treat paper flowers just like their real counterparts!



Supplies: What you’ll want to make paper flower arrangements:

  • A Lia Griffith Subscription – I’m not going to pretend that in three months of constant wedding and work insanity I dreamed up all the flower patterns I used. Lia Griffith and team are so talented that the thought actually never crossed my mind. Over a couple of years Lia has made patterns for peonies, freesia, dahlias, gardenias, ferns and flower crowns and they are epic! I highly recommend the $5 monthly membership.
  • A Cricut Explore – This is an investment I’ll admit but if you’re going to make more than ten paper blooms it’s SO WORTH IT! This is literally the most time and sanity saving crafting machine I’ve ever purchased. Tip: Watch Cricut Machines on Black Friday I got mine on a slight discount two years ago. NOW THERE’S A GOLD ONE!! (whoops pardon my gold craze). 
  • A Cricut Adhesive Cutting Mat bundle – If you’re working on more than 50 flowers, trust me the bundle is a better buy. I went through about 8 adhesive mats over a period of three months to crank out my 500 flowers.
  • A trusty Glue-Gun – Guys I tried a number of glue guns in this project (and burnt my fingers dozens of times) and I realized that the really cheap ones – you know the ones, $6 from craft stores, are cheap for a reason. Make sure your glue gun has a good solid stand – I don’t recommend stands that collapse or fold down. They seem to just fall over.
  • Floral Wire, Floral Tape and Floral Foam – These are important if you’re going to make any kind of floral arrangements. The foam can be placed into pots or vases and will hold your flowers in place and the wire lets you control the height, bend and strength of the flowers. The tape will make your flower stems look a little closer to real by hiding the wires. For straighter stems I do highly recommend using pre-cut floral wire (like those in link) – I found it frustrating trying to straighten all the bumps in the rolled wire.
  • Cover weight paper OR Crepe Paper – Honestly I prefer the non-crepe paper variety (I think it holds up better and I like the depth of color) but the texture afforded by the crepe paper flowers is pretty stunning as well. Fortunately you can find patterns for both on the internet! And Papersource sells high-quality paper in basically the whole rainbow in BULK online – That means fellow wedding crafters, you can definitely coordinate to your wedding colors!

Okay that seems like a lot but I’ve been using my supplies after the wedding to make birthday and holiday gifts for my friends and family and it’s been a huge hit!


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