I’m Baaaack! Getting married and Paper Flowers Galore!

Hello there folks!

To those of you wondering why all went quiet over here for awhile on Make Scout – I got married Saturday! I wrote about this a few months ago but I made ALL of the flowers/arrangements for our wedding over the last 3 months out of PAPER. Keeping it real guys, it wasn’t always awesome – think paper cuts, hot glue burns and sitting in a pile of paper scraps mumbling angrily to myself late at night between freelance jobs and normal work. Once, my husband-to-be grumbled about having to dig through a box of 100+ hand made flowers to find a specific color. Only once though because, boy, did he learn I was sensitive about my box of flowers (he was very sweet about them and my slight flower fever – he’s a keeper 😉 ).

Still, all of that was SO worth it!!  It truly was one of my favorite parts of my wedding and my guests loved it! I never for a moment regretted starting this project and even ended up making over 500 paper flowers. Just because I could! Making paper peonies and roses became such a zen habit I think I’ll continue to make them in my spare time. Now I can’t quite share the whole shebang with you but here’s a little peek at one of the pieces that didn’t make it to the wedding (because we forgot it oops!):



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