Epic (and easy) Thank You’s: Punkpost


Some of the cards Punkpost offers. Image from Punkpost.co

We’ve talked a lot about gifts lately. I mean a lot. But this is (or I think it should be) also the season for thank you’s and well-wishes. I love sending handwritten thank you notes to my family or friends. And I daydream of the day that I have time to send out Christmas cards… That’s the rub – time.

When I send a card it’s usually not the picturesque and beautifully written/decorated card I pictured in my head. The card is whichever I liked best from the Walgreens on the way to work, my nice message is written in a hurried in-between-meetings, sloppy hand and tossed in the mailbox. It loses a bit (… a lot …) of the “experience” I had been hoping for.


Each card is a work of art. Image from Punkpost.co

And that’s when I found Punkpost. Punkpost is making snail mail easy, I mean really easy. It’s an App for the iPhone that once downloaded you can choose your card, type in your message and the address of the recipient and you’re in business! Once you hit send, your card is beautifully handwritten and addressed, stamped and mailed. It’s basically a piece of art guys. Having met one of the co-founders, Alexis, I can tell you that tons of care and thought goes into every. single. card.


Added bonus? You can pop an instagram photo or yes CONFETTI into the envelope through the app! Note to friends and family – any cards to me could totally have confetti…

With brands like O Magazine, Brit + Co, Refinery29, Real Simple, Design Milk and Design Taxi singing their praises I’m really excited to see where this app goes! And happily I’ve found out that your first Punkpost is free!

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