Gift Guide: For the Almost Hipster

I’m back with another gift guide! So I’ve been classified by family and friends as an almost hipster for a long time – it’s sort of a running joke. Where does this classification come from? I like to craft, re-create store bought foods from scratch (I once even made my own Cheez-itz, they were deliciously addicting). I dress somewhat trendily and more than a bit off beat, I also prefer to buy local and handmade products when I can, or from companies I know well.

On the flip side, I am a serious nerd and gadget collector – I code for a living, consult with small businesses on their marketing and design strategy, and can quickly get super into business strategy. Basically I don’t quite fit the hipster stereotype but I’m not far off. Perhaps another means to name this is – I am a conscious consumer. Or maybe just a Millennial.

So this gift guide is for your almost hipster friend. Enjoy!

Quick refresher – as with the Cocktail Lovers Gift Guide and my Curated Gifting Strategy these are a collection of gifts you can give, one coming in at about $50 the other at $100. These don’t include shipping, so if that needs to be included in your budget, swap in some of the smaller items.

Budget – Approx. $50


1. Vintage Text Message Cards – Wit and Whistle ($7) || 2. Tech Clutch – Good Mood Moon ($28) || 3. Felt and Leather Bowl, yellow – Skandinavious ($18)

Budget – Approx. $100


1. Pumpkin Spice Candle – P.F. Candle Co ($18) [My FAVORITE Candle – I kid not] || 2. Two Black and White Ceramic Mugs – Lehm and Celeste ($36) || 3. Turquoise Spike Necklace – Abbey Park ($51)

Bonus! Budget – Approx. $100


1. Mountains Jewelry Display – Shlomit Ofir ($67) || 2. Blushing Phoenix Bathing Whip – Vice & Velvet ($9) || 3. Gold Leather Heart Bookmarks – Jennifer Lesley Design ($6) || 4. Gold Arrow Print in Cream – Pretty Chic SF ($15)

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