Gift Guide: The Cocktail Afficianado

In the last year we’ve seen a huge interest in classic cocktails that embody the speakeasy and Gatsby-esque era of the 1920’s and 1930’s. Separately, with the cost of living on the rise in San Francisco Bay Area I have more and more friends who are interested in staying in with friends and making their own drinks. It’s fun, it’s delicious and people end up very proud of their creations! If you happen to have one of these friends, guess what? They are so fun and easy to give gifts to!

So in line with my curated gifting philosophy (you can read all about that here) I’m going to share an awesome Cocktail themed holiday gift with you for high or lower budgets. Note that these don’t include shipping (since that may change depending on memberships like prime and on where you buy it), but these should get you pretty darn close to the budgets below!

Happy Gifting!

Budget – Approx. $50


1.Micro Bitters Kit [$8] || 2.Gold Cocktail Shaker Set [$21] || 3.Speakeasy Cocktails [$17]

Budget – Approx. $100


1.Gin Infusion Kit, 1/2 pint [$8.50]  || 2.Copper Boston Cocktail Shaker [$36] || 3.Personalized Muddler [$24] || 4.Vintage Cocktails book [$33.09]

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