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Recently a new kitten joined our family! Well, not my household, my sister’s – I have two dogs, a kitten would probably further the level of adorable pet chaos to a level where I’d basically never want to leave my apartment. Seriously though it’s like my dogs have a cuteness tractor beam that they can turn on and just lock A and I into place. I look up and realize I just lost ten minutes ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the pups.

But back to this kitten! His name is Jaws, he’s a rescue, and he’s adorable and super rambunctious. As a little welcome gift I made him a cat bed. For this you’ll want a basket – I got mine at Marshalls (they have TONS) when picking yours keep in mind how big the cat is!

What you’ll need:

What to Do:

1. Measure your basket – width and length at the BOTTOM of the basket. Write it down (You’ll be using this to make your pillow).



2. Time to cut the bottom and top panels of your bed – canvas will shrink in the wash so add two inches to each side based on your measurements in step one. Mark one inch in from each side (like the photo above – it’s the inside line), this will be the sewing line.

3. Now for the sides we’ll be cutting four side panels – For a pillow 2 inches in height after sewing, all side panels should be 4″ wide . Two should be 4″ x (Basket length + 2″) and the remaining two should be 4″ x (Basket Width + 2″). Mark one inch in from each side (like the photo above – it’s the inside line), this will be the sewing line.


4. Place the top panel of the bed on a flat surface with any marks facing up. Take one side panel, marks facing down and pin it to the top piece, making sure that the sewing lines are aligned.


5. Sew on the first side panel with a running stitch – you should only have one side stitched (like the one above) at this point. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each side.


6. Now all four sides should be attached to the top panel. Sew the ends of Three sides together closing up three corners – one corner should remain open!


7. Pin the bottom panel, marks down, to the loose edge of the four side panels and sew closed on all sides – when you’re done you should have an almost fully enclosed pillow – one corner should remain open.

8. Okay we’re going to turn this thing right side out! Gently pull one corner through the open gap in the pillow – keep pulling through until the entire pillow is right side out.



9. Now the fun part! Crack open an old pillow (mine even still has that terrifying DO NOT REMOVE tag on it) and then stuff your pillow with it using the open corner. When you’re done fold the loose edges of the corner in and pin it closed, from here you can sew the folded edges closed by hand or with a sewing machine.


10. Time to decorate! create a 50/50 Acrylic paint and fabric medium mixture and paint on your pattern. Once it’s dry – run your ped bed through the washer and dryer with a pet safe fabric softener – this will soften and set the paint for your furry buddy.

Canvas will shrink! That’s why we added an extra inch to your pillow. If your pillow still shrinks a little more than expected – place the pillow beneath some heavy books to smush the stuffing a bit.

Jaws LOVED it! I was so excited!



2 Comments on DIY Cat Bed

  1. Elise
    April 18, 2017 at 4:49 am (2 months ago)

    Oh my goodness sooo pretty. Such an excellent idea to paint it striped like that – adore the finished look!

    • Veronica
      June 21, 2017 at 7:49 pm (5 days ago)

      I picture my cats as loving stripes 😉


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