‘Tis the Season: The Beauty of Curated Gifts (and some tips!)

Why hello everyone! Guess what, it’s November – yep, I know, I can’t believe it either. That means with all the impending holidays I’m in full-on gifting mode. I don’t know about you but I love giving gifts to people. Picking out something that will delight the people I’m giving it to is such a FUN challenge. A couple of years ago I decided to try something new when giving my sister a Christmas gift. She was going on a cruise and I thought – How fun would it be to give her a personalized cruise kit? So, rather than a single gift – I collected several small gifts for her. An inexpensive but pretty necklace she didn’t have to worry about losing, a luggage tag, a nice makeup bag, a teeny hair straightener. She loved it!

I’ve been curating gifts ever since! The thought and care you put into creating a collection of items hand-picked for your friends or family shines through for the recipient. And an added bonus – with many small items you’re more likely to give someone something they truly love! This kind of gifting does take some planning but don’t worry! I’ll share some curated gift ideas with all of you for the next month or so and then follow up with some last minute gift ideas.


Here are some tips for your curated gifts.


  • This approach to gifting is better suited to people you know very well
  • Set a budget before you start!
  • Get a mix of inexpensive items and nicer items, prioritize the nice items based on your budget and how sure you are that the recipient will like them.
  • Keep the wrapping inexpensive! In the gift above I painted kraft paper and used washi tape to create a color scheme – the basket was less than $10 and is from one of my go-to inexpensive gift resources – Marshalls!
  • It sometimes helps to pick a theme for your gift –  just like the “Everything my sister might need for a cruise” gift mentioned earlier, it was all odds an ends she would enjoy. Don’t stick to a theme religiously or feel trapped by it – but it can help make your collection feel cohesive and get you started.

The Gifts

  • For your inexpensive gifts I highly recommend that you pop by discount stores regularly in the month leading up to your gift giving. I prefer the following places – sometime you find really great stuff at spectacular prices:
  • I always want the recipient to feel like they got something unique – So I keep local shops, Etsy, and Craft fairs heavily in the mix as I pick out my gifts.
  • If you’re crafty, include something handmade! This really boosts the thoughtfulness of the gift and will feel so special for both of you.
  • Use those freebies! In the birthday gift above I included a brand new book by an author I knew the recipient would like, here’s a secret, it was from the Birchbox Bonus shop – I got it free with an order!

If this sounds overwhelming – don’t worry! I know of some awesome small businesses that curate gifts for you. I’ll feature some of them here as well this month.

Look out for some fun curated gift ideas coming soon!

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