DIY Zip-Up Pillow Covers

Why Hello World! Did you miss me? Haha well whether or not you did I’m back! My wedding and work has kept me on the run these days but I’m so excited to share some fun new DIY’s with you. And OH. MY. GOD. Christmas is almost here! So get ready for gift guides galore. Seriously, I love creating curated gifts for people – but we’ll talk more on that later.


So real talk, I’ve moved a lot in my young life – New York, Boston, Italy, San Francisco & San Mateo. It’s been wonderful but now that I’ve been in the same place for three years I get the itch to change things up a lot. Recently that meant changing the entire color scheme of my apartment. We’re switching it up from red and black to blues, grays and greens. I LOVE it but that also meant changing up all of our decorative elements, like pillow covers. Rather than spend a bundle on new pillow covers I thought I’d make my own. With two little pups it was really important to be able to remove the pillow covers and wash them.

What you’ll Need:

What to do:

1.  For 18″ pillows – measure and cut a 20″ square (you always want to add at least a half inch of fabric to each edge to keep the fabric in your seams from fraying). Mark one inch in from each side, this will be your sewing line.


2. With the pattern facing in (like a pattern sandwich), pin the corners just inside (towards the center) the one inch mark.


3. Sew along 3 sides one inch in from the edge (using the marks you made earlier) with a running stitch. There should be one open side. Tip: When you start sewing, run your stitch backwards and forwards a couple of times, sewing over itself, to reinforce the stitch.



3. On the remaining open side, sew a one half inch running stitch from the corner towards the center. Reinforce this stitch by sewing back and forth over it 3 or 4 times.

4. Time to turn your pillow right side out! Gently pull the fabric through the opening, the pattern should now be on the outside of the pillow. For crisp corners, use a pencil or ruler to gently push out the corners.

IMG_3725 IMG_3726

5. Grab your zipper! Fold any excess fabric around the opening down making the top of the pillow a nice straight line. Working with one side of the opening, pin the folded fabric to the right side of your zipper. Get the fabric as close to the zipper as possible.


6. Hand stitch or use a zipper foot to sew along the zipper, tuck the excess zipper at either end into the pillow and beneath the corner on either side. This excess is and should be loose. Take care to reinforce the stitch at both ends of the zipper!



7. One down, one to go! Now Unzip the zipper until it reaches the end of the pillow opening (but no further). Pin the folded fabric to the loose side of the zipper – once it’s pinned, test the zipper before you sew it up to make sure that everything’s still lined up correctly! Now sew it up, just like you did for the first side.


8. Pop your pillow insert into it’s new case! Zip it up and toss it onto your bed or couch.

IMG_3755 IMG_3761 IMG_3754


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