The 500 Paper Flower Challenge

Did I mention I’m in the midst of wedding planning? Yep – the beau and I are going to tie the knot this spring and I have whether in a burst of creativity or insanity am going to make all of my flowers. out of paper. Yep you read that right, I’m making 500 paper flowers for my wedding. Everything from centerpieces to bouquets will be lovely paper flowers. I actually absolutely love them!

Most of my paper flower patterns are from the most fabulous Lia Griffith and are possible due to my (at this point life-saving) Cricut Explore. I asked for it for Christmas last year and thank god I did. For crafts at scale this little beauty is AWESOME guys. I’ve already almost worn through my cutting blade!

So anyways I thought I’d loop you all in on my challenge! There will be a lovely little count of where I’m at in the sidebar starting today! Root me on my friends! I’m so going to need it.



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