How to Make an Awesome Bachelor Party Survival Kit

How’s everyone doing today? Good? Great! Because aside from a snazzy redesign that’s headed Make Scout’s way I’ve got a how-to here that will make you the best fiancé EVER, or at least everyone will think so ;). When my sweetheart announced he was off to New Orleans for his bachelor party with a small group of friends a lightbulb went off – a little survival kit for each!

Picking the right DIY’s and small products will make this really easy on the bride or groom to be’s wallet but I’ve included some other options here to mix it up if you’d like!


The trick to this is:

  1. Include something for the big night, in my case I made some rocking DIY faux wood flasks that I saw on Almost Makes Perfect (ironically one of the groomsmen’s name is also John).

    Pro Tip

    You can buy stainless steel flasks of all sizes on Amazon for under ten dollars. Make sure you check how many ounces it holds before you buy or you might just accidentally buy an 18 oz. flask like me! The bachelor party attendees all got a pretty big laugh over their super-sized flask…

  2. Add a few items to help out in the aftermath. I popped a few of my DIY Coffee and Stout soaps into the box and a bunch of Advil!

Here are some of the odds and ends I thought about including or just think are really cool!

I hope you have fun making your Bachelor Party Survival kits for your future partner. I’d love to see pictures if anyone would like to send them my way. Call me out on linked in (@veronicathomp) and I’ll check it out!

ps- Apparently New Orleans is the new Las Vegas for bachelor/ette parties. As soon as I’d bring up A’s destination EVERYONE knew somebody who was going to Nola. It’s crazy and totally awesome! I have to admit I’ll take gumbo, beignets and muffulettas over casinos any day.

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