DIY Painted Quote Globe

Once upon a time… just kidding! But really, I ran into these gorgeous painted globes in Anthropologie a couple of months ago and loved them. But for me, they were heartbreakingly expensive so I had to leave it behind. Then wandering around Target two weeks ago I found these super affordable and darling desktop globes and it immediately sparked an idea, I could make my own! As an added bonus it’s pretty easy and a quarter of the cost!


What You’ll Need

  • A globe (I got mine at Target)
  • Dark Blue Acrylic paint
  • Gold Paint Pen/Gold Paint
  • Silver Paint Pen
  • Sponge Brush

1. First things first, plan your pattern! I wrote out my quote (It’s William Shakespeare) in roughly the same style I wanted it to appear on my globe. Then I drew out my constellations in a very, very rough approximation of where they’d occur in the sky.



2. Now that we’ve got a plan, carefully paint your globe in straight, long strokes from top to bottom. You may need to do a second coat but first allow the first coat to dry completely to avoid puckering.



3. Once your globe is fully painted, allow to dry.



4. It’s time for text! If it’s helpful you can use chalk to create a guide line for your text like I did! My first coat I used gold paint and a teeny tiny brush to get the fine details of the letters right. You can skip this and opt to use your paint pen straight away but you’ll want to write larger text than I did here (not ideal for long quotes).


detail details2

5.  Once your text is complete allow to dry (you don’t want to smudge it!), now it’s time to fill in your constellations! You can plan the placement of these with chalk if you’d like or just wing it. The constellations should be a series of dots (these represent the stars) and they’re connected by dashes (they represent the grouping that makes up the constellation). You can paint these on with a gold paint and a tiny brush or a gold paint pen.

6. Add extra gold and silver Dots (aka stars) of varying size to give your globe the look of a starry night!

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