DIY Surprise-Inside Spring Citrus Candles

My wedding’s about 8 months away and I’ve started to think about the favors! Between a little welcome basket, a rehearsal dinner treat and the wedding itself I’ve got 3 edible and inedible gifts to figure out. A few goals – all favors need to be made in relatively large batches with low to no fuss but I’d like each favor to delight the people who receive it. I first thought of making candle’s in the oven when I saw Hello Natural’s How to Make Beeswax Candle’s in the Oven and couldn’t wait to try out large batch candle making.
For this DIY we’re using bright citrus flavors and I’ve given you instructions for both beeswax and soy candles. The extra fun part is that when these candles are burnt down folks will find a little surprise charm inside! In the end we prefer the soy candles – they’re a little easier to work with, the wax cracked less once poured, and they burn a little slower.

What You’ll Need

Note: A 1lb bag of wax makes about 4 candles


  1. Preheat the oven to 200º Farenheit.
  2. [Optional] If you’d like, you can start by gluing down your wicks, this will help (a little) to hold your wick in the center but try to choose a glue that won’t release harmful chemicals when heated. I personally used hot glue, this released it’s hold a little once the wax warmed the glue again but it did the trick!
  3. Fill the jar with wax, SO much wax. Fill it right up to the top as the wax level, for both kinds of wax, will sink dramatically once melted (to fill all the gaps between wax flakes) so you’ll want to overfill to compensate for the difference.
  4. Place the full jars in a baking sheet trying to keep them from touching the sides
  5. Place in the oven, each wax has a different melt time (noted in the box below) but depending on the pellet/flake size your wax may take more or less time. I recommend checking on the candles every 10 minutes to see how they’re doing. For the soy wax – After 15 minutes in the oven you’ll likely need to add more wax.

    Oven Times by Wax

    • Beeswax: 55 mins
    • Soy Wax: 35-40 mins (you’ll need to add more wax to your jars after 15 minutes in the oven!)
  6. Once the wax is melted pull the canning jars out of the oven, drop in your special surprise (make sure it’s heatproof and non-flammable!) I used little glass rhinestones but I’d recommend stone cabochons like these instead (I think they’ll hold up better to heat long-run) or you could use super adorable ceramic cat charms like the one below. In the end I couldn’t part with the little guy (also I thought the white might discolor)!
    IMG_2683 IMG_2703
  7. Next up is the scent! I added 5 drops grapefruit oil, 5 drops sweet orange oil, and 1-2 drops of peppermint oil depending on how minty fresh you’re feeling. Stir using a plastic or designated craft spoon, being careful not to jostle the wicks.
  8. Prop up the wick with a pencil until cool. While you’re waiting you can decorate your jar lids! I opted to spray paint mine white but you could paint it whatever your wedding or party colors are. I’ve been daydreaming of mint and gold jars ever since making these! What really makes these great is the writing on top – write names or select (short) words that carry the party themes. It helps if you lightly outline the words in pencil before painting, I used a tiny paint brush but a paint pen is a totally acceptable alternative.
    IMG_2699 IMG_2700
  9. Once the candles have completely cooled, trim the wicks, (optional) decorate the jars with paint, put on the lids and get ready for a fun party! These look adorable on a place setting or together on a table.

IMG_2756IMG_2784 IMG_2746 IMG_2761

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