DIY Gold Gem Drop Earrings

I was in Anthropologie the other day and stumbled across these gorgeous earrings I make a point of  DIYing my trendier jewelry pieces (though these are classic enough you could certainly pick up a pair) so I thought I’d take a shot at whipping up a pair of these with my own hammered stylistic flair. Ps- who else took advantage of the HUGE Anthro sale this weekend? I may or may not have picked up this adorable bike basket and can’t wait for it to get here!


What You’ll Need

  1. Bend the wire into the general shape you’d like your earring to take. Be sure to include a loop to attach your wire to the earring hook.
  2. Lay the wire on a flat, smooth surface that will stand up to hammering (I used a bench block like this one). Then gently hammer the wire thin, working your way around the wire. Keep in mind that the wire shouldn’t be completely flat or it will become brittle.
  3. Now the tricky part, the teardrop gemstone – this is important, don’t make the wire wrapped through the top of the gemstone too tight, the gemstone will break. Okay back to business, first you’ll take a section of wire (mine was about 7 inches) and about 3 inches from the end bend the wire, thread the gemstone onto the longer side.
  4. Now, leaving a little room for the gemstone to move, bend the other side of the wire up until they cross.
  5. Wrap one end of the wire around the other leaving some space above the gemstone (this is easier to do if you hold the wires in place with jewelers pliers like below).
    IMG_2307You should end up with something like this!
  6. With the long, unwrapped wire create a loop by bending the wire around a needle nose plier, then wrap some of the excess around the coiled wire beneath it. Trim off the ends with a wire trimmer.
  7. Now the fun part! It’s time to connect the dots! Attach all of the pieces with two jump rings per earring. Be sure to give the jump rings a nice squeeze closed (and maybe just a dot of clear-drying tacky glue) to help them stay closed. Here’s the general layout of where the jump rings should go:
  8. Enjoy your new earrings!


    After wearing these a few times they’re pretty sturdy! You can gently bend them back into shape if they ever fall out of place. There is one change I would make to my design though, I wouldn’t make the diamond wire frame open – I think if I’d closed the frame the earrings would be even less likely to bend out of shape. Generally I LOVE them!



2 Comments on DIY Gold Gem Drop Earrings

  1. Claire @ Beads Jar UK
    July 9, 2015 at 7:17 am (2 years ago)

    Nice wirework! Those earrings look really glamorous 🙂

    Claire xo

  2. Hacik@H&H Jewellery
    July 14, 2015 at 1:56 am (2 years ago)

    You did great job with 4 gem drop and make stylish earring. Its seems like very pretty and thanks for sharing it with us.


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