DIY Rose Quartz Pendant Necklace


Have you ever seen a necklace in a store and just say… I have to have it! Well, me too. Lately with trendy jewelry I’ve been trying to make my own. So get ready for a few more jewelry diy’s around these parts! I saw this necklace in a fancy and rather expensive shop, after a little Etsy research (have I mentioned I’m crazy about Etsy?) I realized I could make the same necklace for a third of the cost. Yep that’s right!

So one quick thing before we jump in, I got all GOLD-FILLED chains, clasps, jump rings and blanks. Now these are a little more expensive – but I’ve learned the hard way that if you don’t want the gold finish to rub off after some wear and tear, the gold-filled is the only way to go. You can definitely use the cheaper nickel plated version (or other plated metals) but know that it’s likely that after a few wears the plating will come off.

What You’ll Need

1. Let’s start with the stamping – I wanted a little “Love” tag on my necklace chain like the necklace I modeled this off of (you can totally skip this part). Fun fact: Rose Quartz is supposed to represent love and draw love into your life. I highly, highly recommend that you practice stamping on some scrap metal before you commit to your stamping blank.


After getting a few rounds of practice in, it’s time for the real thing! You can tape down your teeny tiny blank to the stamping block (I actually recommend it) and get to work! Note: The stamping blanks will curl up a bit at the edges if you stamp them too hard, so just give them two taps (one quick light one, one slightly harder tap).


2. Now begins the necklace fun! Time to prep – using the pliers (it helps if you have two sets of pliers) open up your jump rings. Also it’s time to measure out your necklace chain. I wanted a nice long necklace so I cut one stretch of chain at 17″ (about 3 inches of this chain will wrap to the other side), and an 11″ stretch of chain. That’s 2 pieces!



3. Thread a jump ring through the right hole in your stamping blank.

4. Now the tough part, take the end of your chain and very gently thread the jump ring through the last link in the 11″ chain (it’s like threading a needle). Once the chain and the tag are both on the jump ring, squeeze the ring firmly closed with pliers.



5. Now repeat steps 3 & 4 on the left side of the tag using the end of the 17″ chain. When you’re done you should have a tag connecting your two pieces of necklace chain


6. Onto the clasp! This is what will hold this dainty little darling on your neck. Using your awesome newfound chain/jump ring skills, slip a jump ring onto the 17″ side. Squeeze the jump ring closed. Do the same on the 11″ side but before closing the jump ring, slip the spring clasp onto the jump ring then close the ring.


7. Put on your necklace and note the center (to do this place the clasp on the center-back of your neck). Hold onto the center, you could tape it to hold it in place if you’d like, and slip off the necklace. Once it’s off, we’re going to make a slip knot, so hold the center loop between your thumb and pointer finger like this.


8. Slide that loop through the top of the pendant


9. Pull the clasp ends of the chain through the loop and pull tight to make the slip knot.


Finally you’re done!! Rock that necklace!


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