5 Min DIY: Dress Up Old Slippers



A while back I got these sweet little slippers from Anthropologie, I love the thick black and white fabric of the toe and the warm wool inside felt so luxurious! It didn’t take long though before my slippers got the ultimate stress test, our puppy quickly decided that the pom poms on top of the slipper must be her very own new toy. She’d chase me around the apartment, trying desperately to pounce on the little fluff balls. It was hilarious, at least until one day when I turned around and found the puppy, tail wagging, with one of my slippers hanging out of her mouth.

In the end the slippers looked like this:


Not a pretty picture right, fluff was EVERYWHERE. But I loved that fabric so much that I couldn’t bear to throw them out. So instead I gave them a little face lift!

What You’ll need

  • 1 Pair of slippers
  • 1 small tube of E600
  • Rhinestones! (Mine came from this kit)

What To Do:

1. Plan  your Pattern – Before you even uncap the glue, pick out your rhinestones and layout the pattern you’d like to make. Check to be sure you have enough of your rhinestones for both shoes. I’d recommend a mix of small, medium and large (use sparingly) rhinestones.


2. Stuff the Toes of your Slippers – Yep, pro tip here folks, it will be a lot easier to glue those rhinestones on if you fill in the toe with something. After trying the first slipper without any stuffing, I opted to use a cloth napkin to fill in the toe of the second shoe.

3. Clean off your slippers – in my case this meant removing the decimated poms. If you have a small, hyper pet on hand they’ll be delighted with this step. For these slippers in particular all I had to do was trim a few stitches under the poms and then gently pull the puffs off, some glue remained.


4. Start from the Center – Always start from the center! This should keep your rhinestone design aligned with the center of the slipper. Note the middle of the slipper when you’d wear it (hint:  you’ll want to start slightly closer to your insole, take a look at mine for alignment), you can mark it with a chalk pencil or anything else you may have on hand. Place a little daub of the E600 on the back of your center rhinestone and press it firmly onto the marked spot.


5. Work your way out one side at a time – Add the other rhinestones one at a time by placing another daub of E600 to the back. Work out from the middle on the right side of the center gem first, then follow suit on the left. Before your start the left side, check to make sure that you’re placing the the rhinestones symmetrically (if your pattern requires symmetry). To check this I measured the distance from the top of the slipper to the gem and compared it to the corresponding gem on the right.




6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 on the other slipper – Finish up your slippers by repeating the instructions in #4 and #5. Allow to dry for 1 hr and wear your creation!



I love giving things new life, this project is fast, budget friendly. and I actually think I like it even better than the original! What do you think? How would you save your slippers?


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