DIY Wedding Planning Workspace

Why hello everyone! How are you this bright and sunny new year? We’re back from our super relaxing break and boy has a lot happened! First though I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you all, during December we had pretty stunning traffic. I feel very privileged that you all want to read Make Scout!

Now onto some new year goals. Did you know that you’re more likely to keep your resolutions with others? My sister, mother and I are all helping each other live healthier lives in 2015, complete with yoga, meditation ,eating healthier and more! It’s really fun, like a fitness party. Anyways, I’ve resolved to DIY even more in 2015 and share the tips and tricks here with all of you.

Now onto our main point! As a creative and recently engaged person I was itching to set up a wedding planning space in my apartment. A place to bounce ideas off of Adam, get inspired and hopefully make a cohesive and super fun event. Now, I don’t have much space (I am in the San Francisco area where apartments are on the itty bitty side) so I confined everything to the corner of one table and a bulletin board I’m really happy with it!


The bulletin board is perfect for throwing ideas around. Adam can take a quick look at what’s on the board and tell me exactly what he likes or doesn’t.

board-zoom board-zoom2

One of the first things we got was a wedding planning book. You can find the same one for sale here. I also set out some colorful post-it’s, tabs and washi tape to make it easy to add to the book.



Then of course because wedding planning is 100% new to me I grabbed some books!


It was really important for me to remind us what all this party planning was about so I propped up a few photos of the two of us around the workstation.

So far this setup has served me well! What did you all do for your weddings? I’d love some tips!

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