Event: A Holiday Wrapping Party


All photographs by Sarah Deragon from Portraits to the People

I had the immense privilege of attending a Holiday wrapping party recently at Brit + Co. Since it fit right in with our December book, Pretty Packages, I sprang at the chance! The party, hosted by Shutterfly, was fun from the very start with a cocoa and cider bar, snacks and sweets galore and tons of gorgeous, personalized photo projects from Shutterfly.


Photo by Sarah Deragon from Portraits to the People

I honestly had no idea that their product line had such a range! My favorite item of the bunch was an acrylic block with my photo printed right on the back. It’s a gorgeous gift and I’m actually planning to get a few more for presents. Second, favorite? The ornaments! There are several glass ornament options (some with cool photoshop effects applied, others without). I got two for some very special people.


Photo by Sarah Deragon from Portraits to the People

Anyways we learned some adorably creative ways to wrap and top our gifts from Brit + Co’s Roxie. My personal favorite was the fabric flowers she taught us to make (though mine was terrible). And I got some trés cute wrapping paper featuring Adam and I’s happy faces. But it made me think, how easy and fun would it be to host a wrapping party with your friends! It makes a usually long and lonesome task so much more fun. Especially with the addition of a hot cocoa bar and some fancy marshmallows. Mmmmm….

My favorite wrapping technique was a simple one. Wrap yarn or twine around your gift 3 to 5 times horizontally and tie it off. Then double knot 3 tassels of different colors (I chose shades of green) to the yarn so that they appear in a little bunch. Trim off the excess ends and admire your handy work. In the end it will look like this!


This post was made possible by Brit + Co and Shutterfly but all thoughts are my own 🙂

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