Creative Book Club: Pretty Packages


It’s time again for creative book club! With the Holiday’s about to kick off into full swing (and thank god 90% of my Christmas shopping is done) I thought Sally J. Shim‘s Pretty Packages would be perfect!


Pretty Packages offers some incredibly colorful and inspired packaging¬†that goes beyond the standard wrapping paper. As a person who truly loves to make a gift an experience I was thrilled to pick this book up. I’d feel so very special if I received any of the gifts in Ms. Shim’s book. So my friends, let’s get in the holiday spirit and have a digital present wrapping party! I’ll be posting ideas inspired by Ms. Shim’s book in the upcoming book, feel free to send me pictures of your beautifully wrapped presents using the hashtag #nowThatsAWrap.

And of course if you’d like to follow a long, pick up a copy all your own!

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