Bonus Style: Thanksgiving feast!

Thanksgiving is on its way which I think merits it’s own special bonus style post! So I’ve pulled together my ideal Thanksgiving outfit that hinges on comfort and products with a cause. Pardon my teeny digital soapbox, but come the holidays I’m constantly reminded of how lucky I am and try to find ways I can give back as a part of my day to day life. While buying shoes or bracelets that donate to a cause isn’t as ideal as making a donation ourselves, it brings giving into our normal purchases and I think that should be admired.

Okay soapbox over. How cute is that Gobble Gobble Gobble sweater?! I couldn’t help giggling when I found it! Seeing as I plan to completely devour everything on my plate, soft leggings, sweaters and boots are key here (sense a theme?). Does anyone else have a Thanksgiving outfit picked out?

Thanksgiving Feast


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