Halloween Candy Candelabra

I was browsing through Patina (a fantastic, quirky chain of stores in Minnesota) when I discovered an adorable bat-shaped wine cork candle holder! I’m hosting wine club this month, so I thought this would be a perfect combination of Halloween and wine. But who wants to stare at an empty wine bottle? My solution? Halloween candy!


What You Need

  • Wine Bottle
  • Assorted Halloween Candy
  • Funnel
  • Wine Cork Candle Holder (found at Patina)

What To Do:

  1. Drink a delicious bottle of wine.
  2. Rinse empty bottle and let dry overnight
  3. Gather up small candies that can fit through the opening. I used candy corn and Halloween M&Ms.
  4. Using a funnel, pour candies into the bottle. I used two types of candy in my bottles, layering each candy twice for four total layers, but you can do mono-candy bottles as well.
  5. Stick in the cork, add candles, and light it up for a spooky, but tasty centerpiece!

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