15 Min DIY: Refrigerator Refresh


Today’s super simple DIY is inspired by our Creative Book Club’s October book Happy Handmade Home! We’re going to look at a DIY that was recently covered in Design*Sponge, a DIY Refrigerator Update.


This craft is a bit brilliant! It’s a cheap and easy way to update a major part of your kitchen without any sort of permanence. Bored of your design? No problem! Just pull up the tape and start fresh using new colors.

I took a slightly different approach since we don’t have much electrical tape lying around, I used temporary wall decals in my update. The wall decals worked perfectly, they’ve been on our fridge for awhile now and there has been no peeling, fading, or major trouble. I picked my eat decal up at Target (you can get the black version of this eat decal here) and the sky is the limit, I almost swapped this out for gold chevron or stripes.

A few pointers when applying your decal:

  • Remove any bubbles under the decal using a credit card or rewards card, slowly sliding the air to the edge of the decal
  • Line up you letter before you try to stick it on, the more times you re-stick the decal the more likely you’ll get bubbles you can’t get rid of.
  • Plan your pattern before taking the backing off the decal


Would you give your fridge a refresh? What kind of pattern would you tackle?

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