DIY Clay Statement Ring

So it’s no secret that I love color and these days I’ve been playing around with the idea of statement pieces. Of course since jewelry trends change often I thought I’d try my hand at making a piece first. I’m pretty happy with the result! This is a very easy craft that you can totally run with and make your own.


What You Need

What To Do

1. Cut a small handful off of the brick of clay. Knead the clay until is soft and easy to work with.


2. Flatten the ball with your hands and using whatever you have on hand (I used a little tea candle holder). Roll out the clay to just a little less than half an inch thick. Note: Clay residue will stick to whatever you use to roll it out  so I’d recommend not using the family rolling pin…

3. Cut a circle in the clay using the Xacto knife. It should be just a little larger than you’d like your ring to end up. It’s okay if the circle isn’t perfect!


4. Using your fingers, form a sort of dish in the little circle of clay, smoothing out any rough edges as you go. Try not to leave any deep thumbprints, if you do see a fingerprint or two, just smooth them out with the tip of your finger before baking.


5. Bake in the oven per the box’s instructions. Mine ended up taking about 30 minutes at 350 degrees Farenheight. Allow to cool.

6. Grab your fine grit sanding paper and sand out any imperfections! This step was a huge help for me to remove any lingering unevenness and fingerprints. Careful not to focus on only one spot though! When finished, wipe the clay pieces down with a damp paper towel to remove any clay dust.


7. Once the clay is dry it’s time to paint! I coated the whole piece in an off white first. It helps to give it a touch of a ceramic look and fills/covers any lingering problem spots in the clay.


8. Time for color! I opted to fill the little dish part of the ring with some bright pops of color but I could see these looking awesome the other way around. Or you could mix it up with a fun painted pattern.



9. Once dry, flip your clay rings over so that the back is facing up. Using E600 daub a tiny bit of glue on your ring back then stick it on. Allow to dry completely.

_rings_assem10. Pop it on and rock your statement ring around town!



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