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Please note: Featured image on this post is from the Blog Party Instagram. I did not take it!

I had the immense privilege to attend a Blog Party last week arranged by the lovely J for Jamie and hosted at Polyvore headquarters (link much? haha). At this point you may be thinking, blog party? Maybe you’re thinking about the twitter hashtag bloggers like to use. Or if you’re like my parents you’re picturing a bunch of bloggers sitting on some kind of live chat in party hats. This particular Blog party is a great resource for Bay area bloggers.

Jamie organizes a get together roughly once a season and works with local companies like Brit + Co, Polyvore, and Social Print Studio who host the bloggers. This time around it was Polyvore, a Mountainview based group that’s created a pretty kick-ass software for product collages and shopping. The CEO and Co-Founder Jess Lee was sweet, sassy and smart. She walked us through the Polyvore mission statement and showed off all the great things Polyvore can do. It certainly inspired me to give it a try.

The Polyvore mission statement.

The Polyvore mission statement.

After a tour of the office and tons of great snacks and drinks the roughly 30 food/fashion/lifestyle bloggers mixed and mingled. I had a fabulous time talking shop with some truly inspired and creative ladies. Being a blogger and full-time employee keeps a girl busy and it’s great to get outside of my own head and hear what other bloggers have done to avoid burn-out, juggle blog/life and sourcing materials. It also set me up with a great way to establish a creative community, I’ve got a few folks I can’t wait to catch up with for coffee!


And oh my gosh the swag bag! Jamie is the queen of sourcing fabulous gifts for her attendees. I came home with a gorgeous necklace from Chapter, TONS of Bare Minerals cosmetics, some super sweet Thatch and Thistle stickers, Classic Hedley and Bennett linens, the most adorable Pennie Post card, and even more from 45 Wall Design, The Makery, and Fiona’s Sweet Shoppe.

Basically if you’re in the San Francisco area, it’s definitely worth attending! Learn about the next Blog party by signing up for email updates or checking in here: http://www.blogparty.co/attend/

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