Pardon the hiatus: Back to work on Make Scout! Oh and earthquakes…

So you may have noticed we dropped off the map a bit. Oops! Thanks to my much loved day job my DIY time falls almost exclusively on Sundays and it just so happened that for the last three weekends we had house guests, my sister moved to California and of course an earthquake. But we’re back! Hooray! I missed you all 🙂

Let me tell you, when your nice relaxing DIY day turns in a Keep-the-apartment-from-being-an-earthquake-deathtrap day, full of anchoring bookshelves, tv’s and making earthquake kits it’s a bitter moment. Still, there’s nothing to motivate you like waking up at 3:30am to a howling dog and violently shaking bookshelves… I do feel SO much better now that we’re more or less prepared for any aftershocks though. And no real damage!! Thank goodness we live in a new building.

What about all of you? Were you effected by the earthquake?

Upcoming on Make Scout:

  • A new monthly creative column
  • An epic and shiny DIY that saved me lots of moola and I adore it (so so much you have no idea).
  • A little home decorating headboard hack.
  • Deliciousness, deliciousness guys.

Also in the works:

  • A San Francisco creatives meetup for bloggers!


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