DIY: Vine Wall

I was walking my (brand new!) husky the other day and saw a gorgeous Victorian house with vines spanning along one side of the porch, seemingly hanging straight down from the porch roof without climbing a trellis. Upon closer inspection I realized that the owner had strung twine from the ground to the porch roof, which the vines had climbed over time, creating a cozy little corner of the porch that had vine wall. Obviously I had to recreate this inexpensive alternative to a trellis.

What You’ll Need:

  • twine
  • scissors
  • a dowel or other slender piece of wood
  • push pins
  • probably a ladder


1. Begin by measuring the distance between the under-side of your porch roof and the ground. You don’t actually need measuring tape — just hold the twine up. Give it a couple extra inches for tying at each end and cut. I cut 8 pieces of twine, but you may need more depending on how large you want your wall.

2. Cut your dowel to the width of your intended vine wall, then tie the twine to the dowel, about 2-3 inches apart along it’s length.

3. If you don’t already have vines growing, this is when you plant them. Plant the vines where you want the vine wall to grow. If you already have vines, move on to step 5.
4. Place the dowel on the ground next to your porch, directly beneath where you will attach it to the porch roof. Cover the dowel with medium-sized rocks to hold it in place. If your vines do not grow directly here, you can redirect them later.

5. Get on your ladder and grab some push pins (1 pin per piece of twine). Push them into the wood of your porch, so the pins are sticking out sideways, not up-and-down where they can fall out.
6. Tie your twine to the push pins. I looped mine (twice) around the pin instead of around the pin head for extra security. Cut off the excess twine. Once you are done, it should look like the strings of a harp.

7. If you already have vines growing, gently redirect them towards your twine wall and wrap them around the twine piece you want them to grow on.

8. Grab some lemonade and revel in your creation.

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