DIY: eReader Book Cover


I don’t know about you, but I get a kick out of hiding things inside of books. As a kid, I waited impatiently for the end of summer when my local library (where I later worked) would throw away their outdated “boring” books (aka THICK law books, etc.), and I could grab them out of the enormous dumpster in the parking lot. I have memories of watching summer reruns and painstakingly cutting out shapes into the pages with an X-acto knife. I never hid anything terribly interesting, the silliest being a floppy disk of a novel I was writing… as a child. Yup.

So *ahem* now zip forward to present day. I rarely read print books (for fun) anymore since I have an e-reader and freelance as an e-book developer. However, I’m always concerned my e-reader is going to get scratched up if I just throw it in my bag. Here comes the genius: What if I hide my e-reader inside a BOOK? It’s a book in a book! How meta is that? Plus the bonus of being a theft deterrent.

What You Need

  • Hardcover book thicker than your e-reader and wider than your e-reader by at least 3/4 inch on all sides.
  • X-acto knife
  • 3 large rubber bands, of varying colors
  • staples and stapler (or stable gun)

What to Do

  1. Open the book to the second page (save the first page for last so it will look nice and finished and won’t show mistakes). Lay your e-reader face down on the second page and position it where you want it.
  2. Trace the e-reader with a light pencil. Set the e-reader aside.
  3. Cut along the line with your X-acto knife. Repeat for a Very. Long. Time.
  4. Cut until the hole is deep enough for your e-reader to lay in it face up and be flush with the top page. Double check the depth by closing the cover and seeing if it lays flat.
  5. Remove your e-reader from the book. Cut the very first page neatly so it doesn’t have any mistakes or pencil marks.
  6.  Make sure your e-reader is not in the book before you wrap two or three large, colorful rubber bands around the right edge of the book cover. Lay the book face down so you can see the back cover. Place your stapler over the rubber bands, so the staple will go around the rubber bands, not into them. Staple the rubber bands once near the top of the cover and once near the bottom.
  7. Place the e-reader inside the book and wrap the rubber bands around the right edge of the book. This will keep the e-reader from slipping out from between the pages. When you want to charge your e-reader, just slip the charging cord through the pages.
  8. Voila! Instant cool nerd points.


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