DIY: Neon Edged Cocktail Napkins


What you’ll need:


What to Do:

1. Trace a 6 inch square onto the linen with pencil, then cut 6 and a quarter inch squares from your linen fabric (or just outline 6″ squares and cut them out after sewing, just be sure to leave an inch between squares).


2. Here’s something I learned the hard way, linen like to bunch… in a big way. But I found a trick for that! On your sewing machine do a basic running stitch just around the inside of the traced 6-inch square, holding the linen taught. If you’d like you can repeat this step (2 times around the square total).


3. Once you’ve finished your running stitch you’re going to switch to a zig-zag stitch. Line up the stitch so that the top of the zag (or would it be the zig?) reaches the traced edge of the 6-inch square, leaving about a quarter of an inch lip. Continue to use the zig-zag stitch until the color of your neon edge is as thick as you’d like. Note: It’s always a good idea to finish your stitch by sewing back and forth over what will be the end of your stitch.



4. Trim the excess quarter inch lip off the napkin, iron or steam on a low-heat setting and enjoy your new napkins!


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