Greek Hot & Naked Pasta


My raised garden has finally produced some zucchini and broccoli! So as I rinsed these veggies in my sink (along with some green beans) I pondered what I could make using all three. Then I remembered seeing a Hot & Naked recipe (angel hair pasta + butter) in the family cookbook and penne pasta in the cupboard, so I decided to throw together a twist on the all-time favorite.

For this simple version, we’ll replace angel hair with tricolored penne for some extra color, replace butter with sesame oil for some added flavor, throw in some fresh garden veggies (feel free to use whatever is ripe), and top it off with greek seasoning.

What You’ll Need:

  • 1/2 box tricolored penne pasta (two servings)
  • ~3 Tbsp sesame oil
  • 7-8 small zucchinis
  • Large handful of green beans
  • Large handful of broccoli florets
  • Cavender’s Greek Seasoning to taste

What To Do:

1. Prepare pasta according to box directions
2. Slice zucchini in half length-wise. Slice each half into long, thin slices.
3. Cut broccoli into small florets
4. Break green beans into thirds
5. Heat sesame oil in pan, then add veggies and greek seasoning to taste. Cook until veggies are tender (roughly 5 minutes)
6. Mix pasta and veggies in large bowl, so pasta is fully covered in oil. Add a little more greek seasoning and stir into pasta evenly.
7. Serve!


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