The Secret to an Easy Manicure Touch-Up


Recently, my first bottle of matte nail polish found its way to me, and I was so excited to try it out. Well, while the result was fun, it didn’t last long. The hard, shell-like texture of the matte paint is more prone to chipping, so it was only a few days before I needed a touch-up.

Now, we all know the situation: Yes, ideally, you would whip out the acetone and start from scratch, but who has the time or the energy to do a whole new mani on a Thursday? Instead, I tried out an easier trick — no nail polish remover required. Repeat after me: glitter nail polish.

That’s right. Grab that bottle you bought for the holiday season, and go at it. The benefit of glitter over standard polish is that you don’t have to worry about even paint lines. Plus, the naturally spacey look of the glitter is conducive to covering up imperfections!

Here’s where I started:


First, evenly clip your chipped nails down to minimize the visibility of the damage.


Then heavily gloss the tips of your nails with the glitter polish, concealing your chipped ends. Apply a couple of coats to really get it on there.


Now, you can stop here and go for the intense colorblock look (I did for a couple of days), or you can keep going for an ombré look.

When the heavier tips are dry, lightly gloss over the nail a little below where the glitter color cuts off. Constantly re-wipe the brush on your bottle to ensure you don’t accidentally glob too much polish on the nail. (I also found that brushing from the tip of the nail down helped with the gradient painting.) Then repeat until you achieve your desired look, and finish with an even topcoat!

Since my nails were a deep blue, the gold glitter really shimmered in a shooting-star-style theme, but you can combine any colors you have on hand for a fun look.

Pictured colors: Revlon Nail Art Shiny Matte in 510 Pinstripe, Sinful Colors Professional in 921 All About You

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