Scandinavian Wall Hanging


Once upon a time,  a DIYer stumbled across these beautiful little works by Totem Color Blocks. They are simple, colorful and sweet, made with leather and wood it’s a truly inspired project! But this DIYer (I’ll give you a hint, it’s me, I bet you never saw that coming right?) wanted it to be BIGGER and metallic. Of course right? Isn’t that what every girl wants? So using some leftover supplies from a few other projects (the Coiled Rope Tray and the Gold Glitter Sneakers) I whipped up my very own version!



What You’ll Need:

  • 2 – .5″ inch square dowels
  • 1- 1″ inch square dowel
  • Cotton clothesline rope
  • Bronze liquid leaf
  • Metallic Gold Paint
  • Copper Pipe joints
  • Hand or Jig saw
  • Power Drill

What To Do:

1. Sand and trim down your 1″ dowel to the width you’d like your hanging to be. Mine ended up being about 27″ wide. Then drill the holes for your rope (or leather!), choose a drill bit that roughly matches the size of your rope. I’ve drilled four holes for my hanging but if you’d like yours to look more like Pamela’s you’ll only need two holes. Here’s how my project mapped out.



2. While we’re using our power tools (or in my case just tools) let’s cut the hanging pieces as well. You can make as many as you’d like adding one inch to each pair. Here’s how mine broke down:

  • two 4″ pieces
  • two 5″ pieces
  • two 6″ pieces
  • two 7″  pieces
  • one 8 ” piece


3. Drill holes in your dowels. These holes should be the same size as the holes in the main piece, so be sure to take that into consideration when choosing your rope. Each hole should be the same distance from the top, about a half an inch worked for me.


4. Time to thread your 1″ dowel! About 5 feet from the end of the rope tie about 5 (yes five!) knots, pull the brass piping onto the rope and make sure it won’t slide over the knot(s). Tie 5 more knots right above the copper piping. Take the loose end and pull it through the far right hole in the 1″ dowel, double knot.


5. Now it’s time to add the little dowels, start with the smallest dowel, tie a knot, thread the next largest dowel, tie another knot (leaving about an inch of space between knots), lather rinse, repeat until all the dowels are on the rope.


6. Making sure that the longest dowel is in the middle, tie five knots, add a brass pipe, five more knots and then thread the other end of the rope up through the drill hole on the far left. Double knot, and pull both ends (the rope through the far left hole and the far right hole) until they meet in the middle. Where the two ropes meet tie a knot, thread the two rope ends through the copper pipe, knot again.

7. Take two even lengths of rope, pull one end of each of them up through the middle holes. Make a knot about 2″ from the end. Have the two ropes meet in the middle and tie a double knot using both ropes. Thread both ropes through the copper pipe, then tie another double knot using both pieces. It should look like below!


8. Tie the loose ends of each of the middle ropes an inch away from the last (littlest!) dowels on either side. Tape off each dowel to prepare for the liquid leaf.


9. Paint everything below the tape with the liquid leaf (or another color!). Let dry and remove the tape.


10. Tape off about a half an inch above the liquid leaf, this is where the metallic gold paint will go.


11. Brush on the gold carefully so that you can keep the nice line you made with the tape.


The end result will look like this!


12. Add a little glue to the knots, hang it up and enjoy!

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