Easy Summer Nail Art

Summer is all about fun and ease, so why not let your nails reflect that? I’m a big proponent of simple at-home manicures, so here’s one to get you through June gloom in style. You’ll want two colors for the best look, so have those ready.

First, buffer your nails. Beach season is all about clean lines and shine, so you want to look your spiffiest. Next, apply a thin layer of base coat and let dry completely.

Apply two even coats of your first color (I chose Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics in Pool Boy) to all your fingers except one.

Cut a thin piece of painter’s tape — washi tape works well too — and lay it diagonally across the clean nail. Press it securely onto your nail and into the crevice of your cuticle for best results. Then, paint a thin layer of your other color (mine is Urban Outfitters lacquer in Midnight) over the nail and tape. Make sure you don’t over-apply, which can cause the paint to seep under the tape. Apply a second coat.

It’s important that you let the paint dry completely before you remove the tape, so be patient. Once ready, slowly peel away the tape to reveal a clean, clear strip of nail between the color.

Apply a top coat to all of your nails for extra shine, and admire your handiwork!


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