The DIY Life


Hello out there great wide world! My name is Veronica and I have a DIY/Crafting addiction.

Right about now I picture you all saying, “Hi, Veronica” because chances are that if you’re here, you too have fallen in love with DIY. Welcome to the support group. And I do mean support because honestly, creative thinking needs to be nourished.

I’m actually in the tech industry, a web designer in a cloud publishing software company, by day. I sit at a computer ALL day. While I love my job after a few months I craved a tactile project. Something I could make and feel in my hands. Before long I was DIY-ing everything, Christmas gifts, soap, hostess presents and more. But the moment that convinced me to start yet another DIY blog in the blogosphere? I started compiling round-ups for Brit + Co. Looking at all those craft and recipe ideas I couldn’t help but try as many as I could!

So here I am. Make Scout will be a place for fun, design, DIY and more! I’m rounding up a number of stellar contributors to make sure that you guys get a great selection and hopefully some super fun crafts!

ps- Those petite and sweet bull pinatas are from Furbish Studio

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