More to Come! Leftovers.


Made Flash Cake bon bons for my father’s birthday (The Flash is his Favorite). Care to see how they’re made? Check out the site of the lovely Bakerella! These are Red Velvet but she’s got you covered no matter your taste.

I hope everyone enjoy some great food and fun! I know I’ve probably eaten twice my weight in turkey and stuffing. May I make a recommendation as to leftovers? Thanksgiving leftover samosas (or turnover’s really). Take that extra refrigerated pie crust and pile all your yummy leftovers in the center. Fold the crust over on itself pinch closed the edges with a fork and bake according to pie crust instructions. Yuuuum! Personally I like throwing in cranberry sauce, stuffing, turkey and green beans or almonds.

Quick update in the realm of Foodie By Night: I’m graduating form my Masters program! And with job interviews with Penguin and fellowship interviews with Chronicle Books I’m a very happy (and lucky) camper. All of it is in the realm of digital publishing too! It seems the steady increase in ereader market share is encouraging for publishers all over the country.

Stay tuned, I’ll be posting gift guides for foodies, techies, book worms and men and women alike!

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